Top Tweets: The quest for measurement

In my inbox rests an email from a consulting firm labeled: Top Ten Tweets from July. Apparently, the firm’s CEO ranks each of his tweets based on reach, retweets, mentions and clicks. Um. Okay. Glad he has time to do that…and then write a newsletter sharing his pithiness with us, linking us to the blog posts each of those wonderful tweets is about. Aside from the chuckle I got from the use of corporate talk like “inherent complexity” and “systems, process and metrics,” I was really more fascinated by the choice of benchmarks he uses to measure the “success” of a tweet.

Social media measurement is a huge buzzword these days. And rightfully so. None of us wants to be wasting time and money on something that has no return on investment or engagement. It’s important we get a grasp on what we expect that return to be.

The email reminded of a series of Facebook posts the other day from some friends talking about peeking at Klout scores. This guy, by the way, has a Klout score of 38 (yes, I peeked). I’m sort of amused by Klout and whether or not it really means anything. I know it means nothing in the big scheme of things, but then I heard someone lost a job in social media because her Klout score wasn’t high enough. Really?

Should we be actively measuring Klout, Twitalyzer or Facebook Insights?

What is the definitive answer to the whole measurement conundrum? Is there a magic formula? I don’t think there is one. There, I’ve said it. And no, I’m not beating around the bush. Each campaign must be measured independently based on its own, individual goals.

Are you looking for engagement? Measure engagement. Are you looking to push people to your website? Then measure that. Are you looking to build fans and followers? I would first ask why and to what end…then tell you to measure it.

There are some amazing resources available out there on measurement…as well as great tools. You don’t need me waxing lyrical on it. Check them out for yourself. In no particular order, here are some particularly interesting articles from some particularly interesting experts…

Brian Solis



Don Bartholomew





Kami Watson Huyse




KD Paine









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