Email marketing #ftw

Once upon a time, in place not far from here…a client was running a series of workshops. They would send out flyers with a printed registration form. People would send them back in…sometimes with their payment and sometimes not. Seeking a solution, we landed on Constant Contact event marketing. In one year, we saved the […]

Our Promise To You

Our Promise With more than 20 years of experience in managing public relation efforts, PfitzPR specializes in WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). We don’t do spin. We do, however, provide quality wordsmithing, proactive traditional and social media outreach, corporate sponsorship management, reporter relations, reputation and community building and idea generation. We believe these […]

Top Tweets: The quest for measurement

In my inbox rests an email from a consulting firm labeled: Top Ten Tweets from July. Apparently, the firm’s CEO ranks each of his tweets based on reach, retweets, mentions and clicks. Um. Okay. Glad he has time to do that…and then write a newsletter sharing his pithiness with us, linking us to the blog […]

Best tips for utilizing social media during a disaster

The recent events in Joplin have left me missing (only a little) my days at the Red Cross. Social media didn’t exist when I was involved in disaster response, and I’ve been fascinated – ever since I started experimenting with Twitter in the days leading up to Hurricane Ike – with the potential it holds […]